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A Pair of Ghostly Hands and Other Stories

A Pair of Ghostly Hands and Other Stories

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Год выпуска 2008
Срок комплектации до 10 рабочих дней
ISBN 9780194791250
Язык English

If you wake up in the night and hear a tap running somewhere in the house, what do you do You get up, of course, and go and turn the tap off. A little later you hear the tap running again. You are alone in the house, and you know you turned the tap off. What do you do then The ghosts in these stories all have unfinished business with the living world. They come back from the grave to continue their work, to keep a promise, to look for something they have lost. Sometimes they want to help people, sometimes they want to punish them - or kill them.

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Retold by Diane Mowat

Word count 9,600
Цена: 606 грн.